Modern design with a rugged interior. Built to engage guests from private events to massive festivals. Easily vinyl wrapped.


Rentals include an on-site technician to facilitate client requests and staff the kiosk. Professional promotional staff available upon request.


2x6 Photo Strips | 4x6 Standard Photo | 6x8 Large Format | Any desired layout within those sizes.

Digital delivery

Email Marketing | Text Delivery | Video Messaging | Animated GIFs | Boomerang Video | Social Media Sharing.

Engage, delight and empower your guests to create memories of their own that will be forever associated with your event or brand.

Photo Kiosk Rental offers a boutique experience, from weddings to promotions we understand our client’s needs and deliver with professional products and services. Our kiosk units are built with the highest quality of imagery and performance in mind. Using professional SLR cameras, rugged high-speed dye-sub printers, powerful lighting and robust computers, we guarantee reliability.



hashtag printer

Digital Delivery

Email & Text Delivery accompanied with customs messaging and brand information.


Encourage guests to post photos using your chosen hashtag to interact with the printer.


4x6 Standard Photo with custom watermark and overlay frame.


Just like the Photo Kiosk, this unit has modern exterior with a rugged interior, built to survive all settings.

Is your goal to increase social media impressions or to have your friends and family share photos from your event?

Hashtag Printers significantly increases social media traction and brand impressions.

Invite your guests to post their photos using your unique hashtag. Photos will live populate on the touch screen interface. From there all they have to do is hit print. They take home a printed 4×6 photo hard copy of their own image, including any custom messaging and branding you want included.

Photo Kiosk Information Packages

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